Leaves and Branches, Volume 2

by Direwood

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This the second part of the Leaves and Branches series, It marks a crossroads in the life of this project at nearly 50 shows under our belt and a series of increasingly better mixtapes or as old people used to call them, albums.
The stories on this record are a perfect encapsulation of the past year. From the streets of New Orleans to the streets of St.Pete. Please let me know if something touches you- Lil Mic.
Thank you to the following guest stars for appearing in our album.
DJ Hollow Life
Flash Jordan and Dani Rose of Urban Fantasy
Max Parker (Trax-A-Trilion)
Iatro Glitch of Rest In Satin Silence
Watts Hopp of Future Lab Rats
Chris Nolan (D.J. EXecute)
Lauren Lance (LILITH)
Tony Dutcher
Thank you to the friends and fiends who come out to see one of our shows, have hugged us and rocked out with their Spock out for us. We aren't done yet but you have to go away to come back.
Thank you also to Shepherd Boy Records Members. You all helped make us the band we are today. Keep the dream alive.

Jesse T. Vance and the Venture Compound. Emmy Lou. Luis Gottardi, Wayne Williams. Rebecca Kingsford. Rob Dempiro and Lumpy Tunes WSLR, Kansas City College Radio, Bernie Larsen, Marc Jaques ATARI PUNK CONSOLE, Billy Mays and Infinite Third, Remember You Are Dreaming, Family and friends.
Joe Suel, DJ MORTOS, Within Us, Shifted Grimm, JoJo of Mirkwood, Samurai Shotgun, DEA and Saint, Connor Aseltine, Liz Bowman and Biscut, Matter Bradley, Voodoo Authentica New Orleans, Mirkwood (again). Wendyl Jay and Bill Bailey, Dharma and Andrew, Dani Lezcano, Raz Simone.

The new direwood set "leaves and branches volume two" finds the crew like many caught between commitment to express the ever growing amazement of how fucked up things are in the land of the free, and in the soul's voice to honor the hell out of what they rightfully believe. the tracks have a delicate balance of dark sometimes cinematic backdrop, against lovely melody and the harsh truth. it's a perfect blend of bitter and sweet. a ride around the block worth taking..- Bernie Larsen, Cry On Cue.


released November 1, 2015

Engineered by Joe Billingsley (DJ Hollow Life) additional engineer work: Flash Jordan of Urban Fantasy, Max Parker, Chris Nolan, Watts Hopp)




Direwood Clearwater, Florida

The story of Direwood

It begins as all stories should, in the deep shadows and nightmares of the early unconscious mind. Children’s songs on warped records, monsters under the bed, hiding from King Herod in the closet. ... more

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